Welcome to HeartEXpress!

HeartEXpress is a web-based platform for the analysis of integrated expression datasets associated with cardiomyogenesis. The current version comprises publshed data from various microarray experiments for stem cell differentation, in vitro or in vivo reprogramming in the context of cardiomyogenesis as well as for murine heart development. These can be queried, visualized and interactively analysed through the links on the Gene Expression Analysis page. A list of microarray experiments included is provided on the Sample page. More datasets will be included in the upcoming version of HeartEXpress.

The use of HeartEXpress is described on its Help page. Finally, you can find announcement of new versions on the Updates page. If have some questions or suggestions regarding the current HeartEXpress implementation, we are happy to address them!

Rui Machado
Center for Biomedical Research (CBMR), Universidade do Algarve
8005-139 Faro, Portugal

HeartEXpress has been funded through the PTDC/BIA-GEN/116519/2010 by the Fundaçăo para a Ciênca e a Technologia.