- 17 November 2015 -
HeartEXpress Version 1.1: Unfied reference system
We have now unified our references for expression changes. In time series, expression changes were calculated against the mean expression value of each gene individually. Thus, a log2 fold change of 1 at a chosen time point for a particular gene signifies that an expression fold change of 2 for this genes at that time point was observed compared to its average expression across all time points of the time series. For other types of experiments, the reference samples are explicitly listed on the Integrated Dataset page. For reprogramming experiments, they are frequently the "starting" cell type, i.e. which is reprogrammed into cardiomyocyte-like cells.

- 7 October 2015 -
Presentation of HeartEXpress
HeartEXpress was presented by Rui at the 9th International Meeting of the Portuguese society for Stem-cells-and-Cell-therapies and received excellent critics. Especially popular were our flyers. If you missed out, here is one to download .

- 7 October 2015 -
HeartEXpress Version 1.0: Fully functional now with vastly extended database!
After a long pause, HeartEXpress has undergone a major overhaul with many new datasets and new features included, and is now fully functional. In total, we included data from 16 new studies (6 human and 10 mouse) profiling 93 experimental conditions (41 human and 52 mouse). Altogether, HeartEXpress comprises 23 studies and 131 experimental conditions.

To facilitate inspection, we classified the data sets according to organisms and types of experiment: (i) Data sets for in vitro differentiation of human stem cells and for in vitro reprogramming of human cells into cardiomyocytes; and (ii) data sets for murine in vitro differentiation, in vitro reprogramming and for in vivo experiments. Finally, a set with an integrated data from both organisms and different types of studies, comprising a total of 16455 genes and 131 experimental conditions, is also available. Note, that in all datasets up to 60% of the gene measurements can be missing. We also like to point out that another new feature is that the search for multiple genes, instead of just for one gene (as it was the case of the previous HeartEXpress version) and the option to download the displayed data as table.

- 10 July 2013 -
HeartEXpress Version 0.6: Additional experiments included
We have added microarray from three more experiments to the collected data in HeartEXpress. The new experiments include the transduction of several core transcription factors in a mouse fibroblast cell line (
Zhou et al.), cell populations for the first and second heart field in mouse (Domian et al.) and the reprogramming of human fibroblasts using cardiac-like myocytes (Nam et al.). Althogether, HeartEXpress includes now expression profiles for 35 conditions. Two datasets are provided: A set for 12154 genes with no missing data, and a enlarged set for 21469 genes, for which up to 60% of measurments may be missing.

- 3 June 2013 -
HeartEXpress Version 0.5: More genes
We have enlarged the set of genes included in HeartEXpress to over 18000. For these genes, expression was measured in more than 50% of the experimetns. The original set of genes which were included in all experiements can also be analysed.

- 6 May 2013 -
Release of HeartEXpress 0.4: Going public!
Coinciding with its presentation at the 8th International Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Stem Cells and Cell Therapies at the University of Algarve, the first beta-version of HeartEXpress went online and is publicly accessible now. It integrates data derived from four independent studies. Over 13000 genes, that are covered by all experiments, can be queried. Altogether, 25 microarrays monitoring stem cell differentation as well as in vivo and in vitro-reprogramming into cardiomyocytes are included. Many more will come!!