Isabel Duarte (MSc) - Researcher

Faculty of Sciences and Technology (building 8, room 3.14)

University of Algarve, Faro - Portugal

Phone: + 351 289 800 100 (extension 7177)

Academic Degrees

  1.    2006: Masters in Oncology, Porto University - Porto, Portugal

  2.    2003: BSc in Applied Biology, Minho University - Braga, Portugal


StemChecker: a web-based tool to discover and explore stemness signatures in gene sets”.

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BOLA1 is an aerobic protein that prevents mitochondrial morphology changes induced by glutathione depletion”.

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The organellar genome and metabolic potential of the hydrogen- producing mitochondrion of Nyctotherus ovalis”.

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G-308A TNF-alpha Polymorphism is Associated with an Increased Risk of Invasive Cervical Cancer”.

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Collaboratorium is a volunteering project that I started in Portugal. It helps the community get together to collaborate on common interests, and targets kids in school age to prevent them from dropping out, by helping them with their study while developing activities designed to engage them with science and technology.

Some of my science columns for the portuguese newspaper: Diário do Minho.

(portuguese only)


These are some of my hobbies...


  1.     2014-2015: Research Student in the Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

  2.     2012-2013: Researcher at the Cell Biology Department, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

  3.     2007-2012: PhD Student at the Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

  4.     2005-2006: Exchange Master’s Student at the Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, United States of America

  5.     2003-2005: Lab researcher at the Molecular Pathology Lab, Portuguese Institute of Oncology, Porto, Portugal

Last Update: 14/July/2015